Saturday, March 13, 2010


Sometimes while browsing Etsy I'll find something absolutely wonderful and just have to share!

After lying eyes on Spiderbite's shop, I was simply in awe of her Nightmare Snatcher Journals. Combining two things that I dearly love, (furry monsters and notebooks), I knew that I was in

Write down your fears, your worries, your bad dreams, and these "friendly but ferocious" journals and notebooks will munch up your despair for you. (But don't forget to recite the Nightmare Snatcher spell at the front of the book before writing!)

Nightmare Snatchers come in a vast array of colors and styles. From the contemplative Winston to the ever-diligent Swampmop, one of these furry friends is sure to suit your tastes. You can even get many of the styles custom-made in your choice of color!

I would personally love one of these to use as a dream journal. (I would keep him behind my pillow and feed him bad dreams!)

These adorable food-inspired charms, magnets, and jewelry are made by 11-year-old Elisa. This talented artist creates her work out of polymer clay, and I was stunned by the amount of detail that goes into each piece!

From cupcakes, to orange slices, to hotdogs, to sushi, your favorite treat is sure to be recreated somewhere in her shop. And if not, the artist welcomes custom orders, so you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for!

Super-cute and deceptively tempting, my mouth waters just from looking at these tiny treats! These savory pieces would be the perfect addition to any fridge, (or earlobe!)

The shop name "All For Jasmine" refers to the artist's boston terrier, Jasmine, who has been having health problems over the past few years. Elisa uses the earnings from her shop to help pay for Jasmine's medical expenses.


  1. Love, love, LOVE those notebooks! They look so cuddly too!

  2. I knoow! I just want to hug them!